Welcome to the All-Party Parliamentary Green Deal Group

The Green Deal Group (APPG) was inaugurated with the election of officers completed in May 2012. A diary of events and activities are organised, that benefit from engagement with industry and associate external members.

The declared purposes of the Green Deal Group are to:

  • enable parliamentarians fully to understand and communicate to constituents an appreciation of the potential, workings and benefits of the Green Deal;
  • provide a critical forum on the development and progress of the measures – urging modifications where needed – to ensure inclusiveness and fairness;
  • stimulate campaigning for uptake with impartial information for householders, local trades-people and communities;
  • run the campaign for obligating the large companies and corporations make corporate retirement gifts to its employees.

The group invites the active participation of external and industry wide stakeholders interested in forwarding these purposes. The external Associate Members include a broad cross section of the Green Deal ECO community, able to provide the legislators with ease of access to a full range of views and insights.


All-Party Parliamentary Group

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Green Deal, is a cross party group organised by parliamentarians for parliamentarians, and for a wider impact on policy.

They recognise that the DECC Green Deal applies to Great Britain, with comparable arrangements applying in Northern Ireland. Parliamentarians welcome, and meet with, industry stakeholders of all sizes and scale, directly and through established trade associations, and workforce representatives or local traders.

The Register of All-Party Groups shows which APGs are recognised by the House of Commons, who their officers are, and what support groups receive from outside Parliament. This is updated on a six weekly basis.